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Join our team, Volunteer

Volunteering can transform both your life and the life of a pet in need. Help make a difference in an animal’s life. Get involved and connect with your community. If you love animals this is a way to contribute to a cause you care about. We promise you will not only bring joy to the animals, but you will also feel great about you!

Volunteer Opportunities
  • Application Processing:  Volunteer is responsible for contacting the applicant’s personal references, veterinarian and performing the home visit. After which, deciding if the applicant is fit to adopt.

  • Administration:  Assist with a variety of clerical tasks such as writing thank you notes, scheduling spay/neuter appointments, drafting donation letters, and other tasks.

  • Transporter (Short and Long Distance):  Volunteer will assist in transporting dogs from short and far distances. Responsibilities include, driving long distances, ensuring the safety and well being of the dogs during the trip, and making sure the dogs are in good health the entire trip (temperature control, food, water, changing bedding, etc.).  Short trips may include transportation to and from vet appointments or perspective adopters homes.

  • Vet Tech:  Volunteer with administer vaccinations or insert microchips to dogs whenever needed.

  • Programs:  We are looking for volunteers with experience in program management and development skills.  This person would help outline new programs for the organization and define the criteria of the program as well as assist in the execution.

  • Grant Writer:  Volunteer would need to be proficient in formal grant writing.  You would be responsible for researching possible grant opportunities and outlining the requirements to apply.

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