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Adoption Details

What's Required to Adopt?

Vetting Requirements

Required vetting for dogs:

  • They must be spayed or neutered

  • Be current on their rabies, distemper/parvo.  Kennel cough/Bordatella is highly recommended but not required for dogs. If current animals are not vaccinated and spayed/neutered, the application will be denied unless there is a valid reason that it was medically necessary not to perform the procedure.


Required vetting for Cats:

  • They must be spayed or neutered

  • Be current on their rabies

PLEASE NOTE: You must be 21 or older to adopt.

What's the Approval Process?

Vet Reference


Personal Reference

Home Check

Once your application is received we distribute to our volunteers for processing.  First we will contact your vet reference if you current have pets living in the home or have had pets within the past two years. In order to expedite the process please be sure you have contacted you vet and notified them we will be calling and grant permission for us to speak with them.

Next we will be contacting your personal references.  Again, please be sure to give them a heads up that someone from 716 PAWS will be reaching out for a reference. 

Next is the home check.  This visit is a non dog meeting where a volunteer will meet with you and the members of your household to discuss the adoption process, review the home, the yard and answer any questions you may have.  Once the home visit is completed and if you are approved, you will be notified and can then express interest in a dog.

Once Approved

How to schedule a meeting once approved?

Once you have been approved you will need to contact us to add your name to the list for one of our dogs.  Please reach out via direct Facebook message or email.  Notify us of the name on the approved application and list the dog (s) you're interested in, we allow adopters to place their name on the list for up to 3 dogs at a time.  We accept up to 5 approved names for each dog's list.  Names will be placed on the list in order of the messages received.  One the list is full we will mark the dogs bio with "Adoption Pending".  This is when the foster will start working through the list of approved adopter.  Since there may be other approved adopters ahead of you on the list, you might not hear from the foster right away.  Once your name comes up in the order of approved adopters, the foster will contact you to schedule a meeting.

Adoption Fees

Dogs up to 7 Years old: $450

Senior Dogs 7+ years old: $250

All of our adoption fees include the following:


  • Spay/Neuter

  • Age appropriate vaccinations

  • Deworming

  • Flea/tick treatment

  • Heartworm test (if the dog is over 6 months of age)

  • Microchip​ and Lifetime Registration (we register the chip at the time of adoption)

We offer a training rebate of $50 that will be reimbursed to you upon completion of a training course for your new pet within 6 months of adoption and email proof of completion.

Areas of Adoption

Currently we only adopt out within a 1 hour commute from the Buffalo Niagara airport.  We will consider processing applications outside that area on a case by case basis.  We do not provide transport services to out of town adopters.

We do not adopt within Canada.

Ready to Apply? 

We understand that the adoption process is different for everyone.  If you are looking to adopt within the next 6 months you can apply for a specific dog listed below or you can apply for pre approval so that once a dog that matches your requirements becomes available you are pre approved to meet the dog.

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