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716 Paws is a volunteer-based animal rescue group founded to facilitate the placement of animals into their best-matched forever home.  We work with shelters both locally and nationally to find homes for dogs in need.  Our goal is to reduce the overall euthanasia rate among canines and to give both dog and human alike a forever companion.  

Transitioning to life with a new dog can be challenging for an owner, and in the same respect, transitioning to a new home can be challenging for an animal.  This is why 716 Paws offers programs for adoption-adaptation.  We work tirelessly to make sure that each dog’s new home is their forever home. 

We believe all animals deserve the opportunity to be loved.  We embrace who they are,
its our goal to improve their future, and change the world.

Our Mission

To place at-risk animals into the right loving forever homes while working with communities to reduce their euthanasia rates.  We embrace their past and aim to improve their future.

Our Mission

Our Values

Animals First: compassionately serve all animals in need to provide a bridge to a better future

Uncompromising Commitment:  focused on providing the right training and support so that our volunteers and staff are trusted resources throughout the community

Promote Change:  beyond education, we advocate for change and bring new light and transparency to common animal welfare issues

Powerful Collaboration:  lead the way to create a strong network with local rescues and businesses to expand our reach to help more animals

Integrity Matters: at our core we will always do what is true and honest for all animals and people that we encounter

We Need Your Support Today!

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