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What is Foster to Adopt?

What is a “foster to adopt”? Our rescue typically does not allow trial periods for traditional adoptions, because we prefer not to have dogs moved from home to home. However, if one of the dogs on our website is listed as needing foster we allow adopters the opportunity to foster the dog.

The Foster-to-Adopt Program is designed to allow families to keep one of our fully vetted, rescue dogs in their home for a 1 week trial basis to be sure it is a right match for their family.  You would be accepting one of the dogs in need of rescue and become the acting foster.


  • This means you would be allowed to house a dog temporarily to see if you think it is a good fit.

  • If there's a dog that's really sparked your interest, you don't have to worry about what order your application will be submitted--you're first in line. For our most popular pups, there can be stiff competition! 

  • You get more time (1 week) with the dog before having to make the decision to adopt.


  • You are accepting the dog directly from transport so that means bath time and starting all the potty training, crate training etc.

  • We usually have limited information on health and behavior of the dogs so you are accepting the dog as is.

  • All medical decisions are the responsibility of the rescue.

  • If you decide not to adopt the dog you agree to continue fostering until a new foster or adopter is found

To be eligible for this program, you must submit an adoption application and become an approved adopter. Foster-to-adopt homes are held to the same standards that we would expect from our foster homes. In addition, applicants must sign the foster-to-adopt agreement which requires agreement with all of the terms and conditions.

Read the Foster to Adopt Agreement

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