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Maternity Fosters

The need for Maternity fosters seems to never end. We receive numerous requests from partner shelters and rescues each month to help with moms to be or moms with new puppies. We would love to save as many as we can but we need fosters to do this.


Often dogs land at the shelter pregnant or nursing very young puppies. An animal shelter is not a safe place for a new mother – getting them into a foster home as soon as possible is necessary to help her take care of herself and provide a safe place to give birth to her puppies. Fostering a mother dog and her puppies is a big job and typically lasts up to 8 to 10 weeks from after the puppies are born. 

What’s required to become a Maternity Foster?

First, you will need to submit a foster application which involves a series of reference checks as well as a home check.  We will then meet for an overview of the rescue, the adoption process & we will walk you through what’s involved in having an expectant mom or new mom in your home.

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